Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our drive to Camphor Mission school

Camphor Mission school is about 100 miles south of Monrovia. The trip took about 4 hours, as the road is more pothole than pavement. Obviously there has been no money spent on maintaining the roads. People walk this distance, sleeping in the grass beside the road. The only water safe to drink is bottled, which few people can afford, or out of a borewell. The bushes are used for toilets, there is no toilet paper, nor showers.

We have come hoping to give hope to people who need everything. Ellen Johnson Serlif, President since 2005 is doing her best to eliminate corruption in the government, but with few police, I'm saw that it is every man for himself. The UN had a large military force in the country and cars/trucks marked UN Police were everywhere. One thing I noticed, was nobody was begging on the streets, when we were in Buchannan or Monrovia. When we walked down the street, no children ran up to us with their hands out, like in other countries.

People seemed to want to work and wherever money was donated, reconstruction was going on. We were warmly greeted at the school and I fell in love with 100 resident children at once. Oh, everybody shakes hand everytime they see you there and they have a special handshake.

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