Thursday, October 23, 2008

limited jobs available


The one photo shows cooking over charcoal, which is made by the school staff. The other photo I titled, "girl friends." Kids are the same everywhere I think.

Incidentally, I joined an international organization, created as a place people can share needs and ideas world-wide. I invite you to read my comments there: My journal is entitled (what else) "Girls in Liberia." You can join yourself free.

Rubber is a huge product of Liberia and Western Africa. We passed the largest rubber plantation, Armstrong Rubber--roads paved, decent housing for their workers, a clinic, schools, etc. Isn't it amazing what money can provide, even in a developing country. The photos were taken at the second largest producer and shows the process. It is dangerous work.

If anybody wants to send me a check for the airfare, I want to go back. My heart is permanently filled with the generous sharing shown by the native people. :-)

I want to apologise for duplicating the photos on two blogs. This is hard to remember what I've already shared, especially since I'm doing the two blogs.

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