Monday, October 13, 2008

life at Camphor Mission school

It was interesting to see how people lived in Liberia. They made cooking oil (photos in another posting), grew their own food/harvested food growing wild, lived simply and were happy. Many generations lived in the same huts and all the staff, including teachers, were provided with living quarters. These photos show some women cooking, grinding cassava for today's use (tapioka, or meal used like porridge or FOFO), more on fofo later.

They have several goats and will build a herd of both goats to milk (for the children) and for meat.

Garfield Church is on campus and there is a photo of the inside, plus the drums that accompany the singing (the first hour of worship). Then I've included a photo of one of the women as she looks so sweet.

I have thousands of photos to share, so be patient, as I have other things to do too :-)

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