Wednesday, November 12, 2008

still at Camphor Mission school

We saw many new foods and how they were prepared. Fufu is a staple in Africa, and it's like bread. It is ground cassava root, mixed with eggs and allowed to rise. The photos show the balls of fufu just made. Each ball will rise and become about as large as a soccer ball. It is steamed and fluffy. While it doesn't have much flavor, it is good when used to wipe up sauce from your plate. Oh, when you sit down for a meal, the plates are turned upside down. One photo shows a charcoal heated iron. Each of the staff residences has some vegetable growing in containers--plastic bags or pots. The plants flourish, even tall cassava plants.

Palm frouns (sp?) are used for the roofing, tied onto tree branches tied together.

One photo is of kids mugging for the camera. The kids LOVE to be photographed and nowadays, rush up to see themselves in the viewer on your camera. Great spirits, generous people.
I've been off two weeks for surgery on my hand, so haven't posted anything. Sorry. I've got many more photos so stay tuned.

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